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Drupal Developer (d/f/m)

Your tasks

  • You will help maintain and enhance existing Drupal applications
  • You will collaboratively develop concepts and plan implementation for new applications or features, both Drupal and otherwise
  • You will review your teammates work and will share your work for review
  • You will document your results and present them to the team
  • You will help out your teammates when they ask and ask them for help when you need it
  • You will take time to think about a problem or requirement to find the best solution
  • You will identify needs or requirements that have not yet been considered and work towards solutions for them

Your profile

  • You are familiar with Drupal 8/9 and its key concepts and functionalities from a site building point of view.
  • You are comfortable with Drupal module development and know how to create plugins or services, dispatch events, and how to manage entities programmatically.
  • You are familiar with Drupal’s configuration management workflows
  • You are comfortable with Composer and Drush to manage Drupal sites from the command-line
  • You are familiar with Git including working with feature branches

Bonus points

  • You are familiar with consuming data from a Drupal site via an API, for example for a decoupled website or as part of system integrations
  • You know Drupal’s caching system in depth
  • You have dealt with the challenges of caching high-traffic dynamic websites before
  • You are familiar with advanced configuration management tools, for example Config Split
  • You are familiar with object-oriented design patterns
  • You are aware of happenings in the larger PHP and web ecosystem and are familiar with another PHP or node.js application framework
  • You have experience with analyzing business requirements and coming up with possible solutions
  • You are familiar with SQL and/or no-SQL databases

What we require

  • The ability to work for 8 hours a day during regular work hours in Central European Time
  • The ability to set up and work with a local web development environment
  • The ability to communicate in English
  • Participating in daily video calls

What we do

    We strive to be the driving force of digitalization in broadcasting as both internal digital service provider of a large radio and broadcasting company as well as Platform-as-a-Service provider for external clients. As part of that we manage both large-scale end-user facing applications for various radio stations as well as internal business applications that are part of the digital broadcasting process. This includes decoupled editorial websites built with Drupal and Nuxt, mobile applications built with NativeScript, a song metadata storage built with Nest.js and an internal configuration management tool built in Drupal among others. In addition to creating the software, we are also in charge of operating it and managing the necessary infrastructure. For us this increasingly means testing, containerizing and deploying our applications to a Kubernetes cluster or a Serverless execution environment and doing all of this via a Gitlab CI pipeline. Due to the ever-changing nature of both the web and the broadcasting industry our challenges are always changing, and that’s just how we like it.

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